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Moving gun season out of the rut?
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RubLine01 25-Jul-14
RubLine01 25-Jul-14
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Salt 14-Aug-15
JimG 09-Sep-15
From: RubLine01
In the future, does anyone think that Kentucky will move its gun season later in the order to miss the rut. I know this would be exiting need to bow hunters!

From: RubLine01
I know this would be exiting "news" for bow hunters!

From: superrman77
I doubt it. It has been that way for years. With the success Ky has had I see no reason that they would change it. The rifle season doesn't come in until November 8th so that gives us bow hunters some time. I do enjoy getting out there and rifle hunting.

That would be a dream come true for me. I wish they would move it around Thanksgiving.

From: RubLine01
I agree, at least wait until the third Saturday. I believe gun hunters would have a better chance in catching some cooler weather during deer season. Most gun hunters would appreciate that aspect of opening gun season later.

From: KY EyeBow
I'd like it too, but it will never happen. The other thing is that we need to have orange army out there to control the deer numbers and we all know they will likely kill more deer in order to meet the objectives around the rut.

I'm not sure it the numbers would change much but the number of big bucks would be down most years if they moved gun season. I'm sure they want the publicity of it all. Oh well, we can still dream can't

From: 2rope2
I agree with you guys. Ky used to have a 9 day gun season and a seven day muzzleloader. . No it's like 16 days or so for gun and 9 on muzzleloader. I wished they would shorten gun up and move so it opens around thanksgiving.

From: opr8r
it will never happen. the way it is now you can hunt KY OH and WV, so all 3 states can take your money at different times...my2cents


From: XMan
First season hunting KY and I hate the gun season dates, would be awesome if they moved it back a few weeks so we got to enjoy the rut and cooler weather with a bow in our hand.

From: XMan
Hey not sure if this is just a calendar change from year to year but I noticed that gun season doesn't start until Nov 13th this year, should make those first two weeks great bow hunting days this year. Another week later would be ideal but Nov 13th is certainly better than the 8th.

Gun season always comes in on the second Saturday in November. I believe it is the 14th this year. Yes it should give us a few more days of good hunting before the slaughter begins.

From: Cottonwood88
That's not too bad, ours in Oklahoma starts the third weekend in November and that seems to be a happy medium.

From: Salt
Not going to happen. KY ,Ohio, Wva., and Indiana all start at different times so that hunters can buy non-resident tags.

From: JimG

JimG's embedded Photo
JimG's embedded Photo
The gun season needs to be shorter and that early season muzzleloader hunt is a disaster for bowhunters. Just when you think you've got the rut to work for you the orange army starts screwing things up. In most states the muzzleloader season comes in after regular firearms season. I do appreciate the option to hunt all the seasons with my bow. Good luck bowhunters. Not many acorns this year so the food plots should help us get the big boys in the open. I'm looking for this guy and have been for the past two years.

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