Public Lands Around Deep Creek, MD???
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Zipperin' 29-Jul-14
bowhunter0132 31-Jul-14
Habby 25-Aug-14
Tracker 24-Sep-14
From: Zipperin'
We recently got to work a few days at Deep Creek Lake and found some great trout fishing spots and plan to return. We checked out some of the Garret State Forest and Mt. Nebo areas for bow hunting.

Anyone out there had any experience west of Deep Creek Lake in the public areas? Like to bowhunt a few days this year in MD as we are returning to Deep Creek.


I don't know anything about the western part of Maryland, so can't help. Best thing I could suggest is to get out there and scout as much as you can. If there are people trails, follow and dive off into the woods at least a few hundred yards. Since it is public lands, try and pick out several locations incase you try to get to your spot and someone beat you to it. Good luck and hunt safe.

From: Habby
Checkout Savage River State Forest 50.000 + acres.

From: Tracker
I have turkey Hunted in parts of the Potomac State Forrest and always seen deer. Best bet would be to knock on a few doors on property with standing or recently cut corn.

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