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NW Bow Hunting
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jesse0013 14-Aug-14
westla 14-Aug-14
b0w_bender 06-Jan-15
Scotsman 11-Jan-15
From: jesse0013
Hello all, I am new to th NW WA area. I am orginally from TX and since I am here for the forseeable future (military) I am looking for a place to bow hunt. I currently live on Camano Island and I'm willing to travel. I have heard that there is a lot of State Land that can be hunted without a permit but wanted to see if there was any truth to that. Land near Darrington or Concrete? Also was told there was land to hunt on Camano though no one has ever heard of anyone actually getting a deer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From: westla
I always hunt the eastside. You may want to talk to the people at Riverside Archery in Mt Vernon. They're pretty helpful.

From: b0w_bender
there is a pretty healthy population of blacktails on Whidbey although limited there is small sections of public land. Look for trillium woods... ( I think that's what it is called) Also ask around you may find a sympathetic land owner.

From: Scotsman
If you are in daring ton / concrete there are about a million miles of public land to your east all the way to Idaho. You'll have to do a bit of digging to separate chunks of private land but there is no limit to the available land.

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