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Rhode Island Whitetail!!!!
Rhode Island
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UpstateBow 17-Aug-14
Outdoorsman 20-Aug-14
bigdeerfan 15-Sep-14
Rookie 16-Sep-14
STM 25-Sep-14
LikeAGirl 27-Sep-14
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bigdeerfan 30-Sep-14
From: UpstateBow
Starting to get that itch!!! Long time bow hunter just moved from upstate NY to the Bristol/Warren RI area. Have my bow, climber, and gear ready to go but have not found any land yet. Anyone with any advice regarding public land usage or knowledge of private land for rent, PLEASE Help! Thanks in advance and Happy Hunting!!

From: Outdoorsman
Plenty of good public land over in Tiverton, which is close to you. I used to live in and hunt there myself. PM me if you want, I would be happy to recommend some specific spots.

From: bigdeerfan
looking to hunt Rhode Island this year as well any good suggestions of state or private land

From: Rookie
If your looking for state land the whitetail are all over the place. I atv there sometimes and always see them. Got my first Doe yesterday! Nice way to start the season. Can't wait to eat it!

From: STM
Where in Tiverton is it good to hunt, I lived in Portsmouth 20 yrs ago before moving to CT. I have been thinking about trying there again and can stay at my parents house in Portsmouth.

Great hunting in CT and I get one each year with the bow. STM.

From: LikeAGirl
Hi all,

I am new to hunting in RI and on my own. Would love to make friends with an experienced hunter familiar with RI woods.

Also, always looking for land suggestions in Northern RI. The private land I had permission to hunt turned out to be too swampy (think waders) and now I'm without a place to go. I much prefer private land but at this point I'm willing to hunt public land if I can find a quiet spot. Willing to hike, up to 5 mi. Getting a climber but would be happy to share a permanent stand on private land.

Hello all, just moved up to providence area from PA this summer and looking to do some archery hunting. Would anyone recommend any spots or even like to meet up and go sometime? Feel free to message

From: bigdeerfan
keystonewoods I hunt PA its fun archery hunting down there may hunt R I this year as well

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