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I think its gonna be a good year
New Hampshire
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2bitgreenhorn 22-Aug-14
Proline 25-Aug-14
Fredbear 26-Aug-14
2bitgreenhorn 27-Aug-14
shedhunter 30-Aug-14
Having finally migrated from Taxachusetts to NH this past winter, I am really excited at bowhunting this year. I moved to Bedford and I am seeing so many deer its ridiculous... Problem is they are all in between the houses in residential areas.. I think I may have found a couple of spots where I shouldn't be bothered though. I have a camp just south of Conway and seeing lots of deer up there as well.

From: Proline
Good luck. I am seeing good action on my cameras. Lot of fawns around this year.

From: Fredbear
I'm just moved up here last year to nashua. I'm active duty military and still trying to find some places relatively close to nashua. I found some places in Pelham, nh but it's all public land and will probably be filled with hunters. But none the less still excited about the season.

I think you may be surpised Fredbear. It has been my experience that as far as bowhunting goes, usually even the open public land up here isn't getting hit too bad. Gun season is another story... Good luck!

From: shedhunter
my buddy hunts bedford and does well! alot of people do call the cops on him because he parks his truck next to houses, then they see him go into the woods and get pissed at him for hunting next to there houses. It seems that there is alot of anti hunters in that town!

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