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William Sykes 25-Aug-14
SwampSpike 14-Dec-17
mgmicky 30-Dec-17
weekender21 14-Jan-18
Me and some friends are going on a 3 night 4 day hunting trip in the natahala game lands in western nc. We have always hunted in the woods in eastern nc and have no expirence with mountain hunting. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

From: SwampSpike
I moved to WNC about a year ago. I have had a hard time finding people to give up even a little information or experience about hunting here. Hopefully yall had a good time during the hunt.

From: mgmicky
I agree with SwampSpike. In my experience, Western NC is a tough hunt compared to other parts of the state. I’ve never hunted the Natahal area, but a buddy and I hunted the Pisgah National Forest for 2 years and only saw a handful of deer. The terrain makes it extremely difficult to bowhunt. Good luck

From: weekender21
How'd it go on your game lands hunt in western NC? The extreme western part of the state has the lowest deer density, some big bucks though.

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