Zone C 2014
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Swampbuck 27-Aug-14
itshot 29-Aug-14
Sandlot 30-Aug-14
headward 31-Aug-14
Swampbuck 12-Jan-15
itshot 16-Jan-15
From: Swampbuck
Well folks, just a little over 2 weeks and I'm chomping at the bit! Don't know about the rest of you but I AM READY!! I can't wait to get in that stand. Where is everybody hunting? I'll be hunting in Levy county. Good luck and post some pics.

From: itshot
Probably hunt somewhere up near you, not sure on dates

Fawn pics and videos have given me better insight as to last year's rut, but I'm not convinced it is same time every year

It would be great to spend the entire archery season in the woods but this year will likely only be two weekends back to back

Good Luck all

From: Sandlot
St. John's County hoping to be in the woods a lot during the season. I have seen a lot of activity, just hoping to actually getting one this year. Last year was slow and did not see a whole lot. Are y'all using any attractant?

From: headward
citrus. cant wait .ready to go.

From: Swampbuck
Last weekend folks. I'm Ofor, so maybe I can change that Thursday morning

From: itshot
Good Luck Swampbuck!

fat 0 here too, might have to try & change that this weekend as well

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