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New Hampshire
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Fredbear 01-Sep-14
Ole Coyote 12-Sep-14
lawdy 14-Sep-14
Fredbear 17-Sep-14
From: Fredbear
Has anyone on here done any bear hunting in southern nh before? I'm thinking about trying this up coming season but not sure there is enough bears in the southern part of the state.

From: Ole Coyote
Check the peterborough area near the northern border of the town some good bear population there.

From: lawdy
We have a lot of bear up North. Have seen 7 or 8 going to work driving through the 13 mile woods in the last two weeks. I put my beagles dog house near my garden to keep them away from my apple trees and garden. He opens up when anything comes near.

From: Fredbear
I'm gonna hunt for them next year for sure I think I found a decent place just outside of Hudson. I'm going to keep scouting and check out the places you guys said thanks for the information!!

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