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rita blanca grasslands
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From: firefighter
Was lucky enough to draw an antelope tag for Rita Blanca Grasslands. Does anyone have any info on the area.

From: Ken
Congrats. The odds of drawing are almost lottery odds. Me and 3 friends drew antelope tags for Rita Blanca in 2005.

The area is a checkerboard of private land and the areas you can hunt. There are a lot of antelope in the area. You will need to take the map TPWD sends you and do some driving around to locate a good buck. Some of the units have a lot of antelope and some have none. The rut is going on during the hunt dates so you will see a lot of small bucks cruising around looking for does and the larger bucks will have a harem of does they are watching over and keeping the small bucks away from.

If you are trying to get it done with a bow, don't bother hunting waterholes like they do in Wyoming. I spoke to a rancher who leases land in Rita Blanca and he said he has lived there his whole life and never seen a pronghorn at a waterhole. If you want to get your antelope with a bow you should plan on stalking or using a decoy.

The whole scene was about larger bucks protecting their harem from younger bucks that were cruising around trying to steal a doe. I didn't have a decoy but because of the aggressive way dominant bucks were chasing off the younger bucks I believe the larger bucks would be aggressive toward a decoy and possibly get within bow range.

If you want to talk to me about Rita Blanca PM your phone number to me and I will give you a call.

From: firefighter
pm sent thanks

From: Ken
I'm sorry but I realized I have no idea how to check PMs on Bowsite. You can email me. I get emails from Bowsite

From: firefighter
contact number is 936-328-2042

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