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Could this bear make Pope and Young?
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McQuinn 08-Sep-14
McQuinn 08-Sep-14
Yendor 08-Sep-14
cch 28-Sep-14
Machias 29-Sep-14
elkfulr 04-Nov-14
coxral 12-Nov-14
From: McQuinn

McQuinn's embedded Photo
McQuinn's embedded Photo
Hey Guys, I just took this bear last week while filming an elk. Shot him at 12 yards. Do you think this guy will go Pope and Young?

He Measured out at 93.5" nose to tail. 130# of meat dropped off at butcher. Waiting for skull to be cleaned.

What do you think?

From: McQuinn

McQuinn's embedded Photo
McQuinn's embedded Photo

From: Yendor
Excellent bear. Great Job. I would doubt that it is big enough though, but I am far from an expert. More important is that it is a great trophey for you. Who cares if it makes P & Y. That is one great BLACK Bear Where were yo at? I saw lots of sign while elk hunting. I got a nice 2 year old cow and should be sitting over the carcuss and I'd have a bear.

From: cch
If he measures 93.5" nose to tail that is a big bear. I would think you would have got more meat off of him. My buddy shot one that was only 7' Mose to tail and he had over 200# of meat and had a scull almost 20".

From: Machias
Love his dark muzzle, very pretty bear. Did you get a quick skull measurement?

From: elkfulr
If thats a 93.5 inch bear you shoot one helluva long bow! I think you got your 9's and 6's mixed up

From: coxral
Don't know if he make Pope and Young, but he'll make a good rug and sausage! Good job!

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