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Bow season who is ready
North Carolina
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LH 08-Sep-14
casper 09-Sep-14
Sage Buffalo 12-Sep-14
8 POINT 15-Sep-14
From: LH
Who is ready for bow season? I don't think I am may have to work opening day. LH

From: casper
I am in the same boat as you LH opening day will be spent working. hope that every one that does get to go out stays safe an has some luck

From: Sage Buffalo
Well I am new to NC and will be hunting with my daughter! Excited as I hunted NC years ago and loved all the deer I saw and was able to take home.

I'm hunting over near Alamance outside of Greensboro.

Good luck to all.

From: 8 POINT
when is the rut in nc?

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