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Vernon Edeler 23-Sep-14
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Vernon Edeler 10-Oct-14
Steve H. 24-Nov-14
Vernon Edeler 05-Dec-14
I am wondering if anyone is willing to trade a Wyoming backcountry or wilderness elk hunt for an Alaska moose hunt. You would be getting to hunt with a third generation WY guide with 25+ years experience plus all the camp equipment and horses to pack in with.

All you would need is to draw a tag, get yourself to WY and pitch in for your share of the grub.

I prefer the hunt to be with a bow for both species. I would also like to fined someone who has a proven track record with archery moose hunting if possible. If interested send me a pm and we can see where it goes.

The sooner the better as you still can purchase a PP for this year in WY until Sept. 30th.


Alaska Nazi's will be all over this.


I can handle the Nazi's the Wyoming forum is just as bad. Did you buy a WY PP so you can come on a uncrouded elk hunt? I was just looking to trade an experience with some others here on BS. Oh well its there loss and I will just come to Alaska and do it myself.

From: Steve H.
I believe Bob's Nazi comment meant that the State would likely consider that barter you requested an act of illegal guiding.

Sorry I am ignorant of the laws in Alaska. I retract my offer as I have found another option anyway.

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