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New to Bow Hunting
Rhode Island
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LikeAGirl 27-Sep-14
Island archer 08-Oct-14
KevinS 19-Oct-14
VanInVTown 15-Dec-14
bigdeerfan 17-Dec-14
NickB978 31-Dec-14
jm255 09-Jan-15
bigdeerfan 11-Jan-15
From: LikeAGirl

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LikeAGirl's embedded Photo
Hey All,

New to hunting with bow and looking to connect with some more experienced bow hunters in RI.

Also, always open to land suggestions. The private land I had permission on ended up being a swamp too deep to navigate in Muck boots. Willing to travel, willing to hike. Used mostly permanant stands in Maine but getting a climber.

Best of Luck to Everyone This Season!

Get a lone wolf hand climber. I feel it is the all around best climber stand

From: KevinS
I am new to this too. I just picked up he API Hi-Point climber from Bass Pro Shops. Did a few practice runs then used it for the first time this morning. Honestly, I was a bit nervous but it worked fine. No deer though. I hunt public land in Little Compton Area. Go to ridem or RIHunts and download the topo maps. Lot of deer, I just have got one yet. Good luck KevinS

From: VanInVTown
Best of luck this goes until the end of Jan, hope you are doing well.

From: bigdeerfan
I am looking to hunt R.I. also any suggestions to some good places to hunt archery for deer

From: NickB978
Heading to RI for first time for late archery season. Planned on hunting some WMA's.

What is the deer population like there?

From: jm255

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jm255's embedded Photo
Stay in the woods till the end! This guy was out in a feild I hunt at 9am yesterday morning! Good luck

From: bigdeerfan

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