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anyone have a bit of luck yet?
South Carolina
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r-man 08-Oct-14
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AJ 30-Oct-14
LC Archer 31-Oct-14
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From: r-man
I seen a few, missed one I shouldn't have, any body have pics from this yr

From: r-man
missed the same one the other day, ducked the string. My we are a chatty bunch arent we.

From: AJ

AJ's embedded Photo
AJ's embedded Photo
Rman - the silence is quite odd for such a great state to hunt. For me it has been a "normal" season so far. Though I have to admit the chiggers were extreme during the early season. Around the 1st of Oct rubs and scrapes started showing. Seeing more daytime activity recently. So far, one buck down, no yotes. >>---->

From: r-man
nice, I have not seen very many yotes aswell, great aint it. I just am not getting the time I used to get hunting. Its driving me nuts. going to try for 2 days in a row, friday morn and saturday morn and maybe ev. I missed most of mt areas rut activety, bucks still looking though, I see plenty of does and small bucks but not to many nice racks this yr.

From: AJ
Starting to figure out what the "rut" means for the area I've been hunting. Ya ain't going to see a thing! Man I set up under an acorn tree, got hit by a few as they dropped. Saw one doe....... Morning, Mid Morning, Afternoon, Sunset. Need to get out more..

From: LC Archer
I think we are the only SC Bowsite members ;)

Had a good season so far. Have Arrowed Two does. Had several good bucks nearly in range just not quite there.

This weekend should be good, first cold front.

I'm hunting coastal SC and Dorchester county.

Good luck to you both Dave

Did hunt out west in September and Arrowed a P&Y antelope spot and stalk.

From: r-man
there are other bowhunters here, alot are on leatherwall and use non wheel bows, longbows and recurves. I stayed home today the wind and rain and 39deg temps are not fun. Its the worst year for me getting close and seeing deer sence I was 10yrs old. I only passed up one shot this yr, skinny doe.

From: AJ
Had to hang out with the wife this weekend - Saw 4 deer between I-20 & 6 - all the way to I 85 in GA. All were just laying on the side of the road! LOL

From: r-man
seen some more chaceing(rut). found new scrapes and seen a nice buck, no clear shots, jumped 16 deer today, only one had a fair rack. I was unable to get out when it was cold and now the heats back, hope to hunt this weekend.

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