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looking for a lease, bow only preffered
South Carolina
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r-man 18-Oct-14
LC Archer 31-Oct-14
r-man 01-Nov-14
From: r-man
I like to get 2 deer a year, and some squirrels, want a piece at least 500 acres, or more to share with small group. any openings? I will be looking in the spring hard for a place in either orangeburg, berkeley , dorchester countys, hogs would be nice to have as well.

From: LC Archer
Bow only leases are hard to come by. I know of one in Georgetown (Wynah Archery Club) but have no experience with it.

As you know, any lease that allows each member an area that no one else is allowed to hunt is key.

Good luck in your search and let us know what you find Dave

From: r-man
Yea its tuff, If I get a lease to my name I'll make it a bow only one, for deer, not concerned if people hunt small game with guns though, thats never hurt much. my friends got a lease and he's stuck to one stand and one area, that crap dont fly with me, better to have a two hundred yard rule.

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