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Where's all the KY bowhunters?
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XMan 20-Oct-14
Stlhtr 21-Dec-14
brewski 23-Dec-14
kyrob 26-Dec-14
obsessed bowhunter 28-Dec-14
XMan 30-Dec-14
obsessed bowhunter 30-Dec-14
XMan 08-Feb-15
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Longbow 23-Dec-17
vmang 24-Dec-17
HeadHunter® 19-Feb-18
From: XMan
This is the deadest state site, lets get some more posts on here.

I just bought a place in Grayson County, hope to hear how everyone is doing this season.

Good luck all!

From: Stlhtr
Hello from CT Wow this state site is really dead. Hoping to bow hunt out your way sooner or later.

From: brewski
Gotta be able to read before you can write.

From: kyrob
Go to if you want to find KY bowhunters. Lots of hunters and lots of info there.

Apparently you can't read either because I'm sure this forum says "Kentucky" not Utah a**hole.

Welcome to Kentucky xman.

From: XMan
Hey Obsessed and Kyrob, finally a few folks visiting on here.

How'd you guys do this year? I struggled mightily to see mature deer in my first season.

Hunted late Sept, late Oct, and finally killed a deer last day of rifle season. Seems like the huge acorn crop this year really limited movement. My cameras show plenty of nice deer but they are all vampires :) I have three nice brassica plots that still have plenty left for the deer to eat.

Curious what your thoughts are on the season and if you guys think the numbers are down from EHD or if the acorns really played a big role.

Have a great New Year!



obsessed bowhunter's embedded Photo
obsessed bowhunter's embedded Photo
Oh yeah. It was definatly a huge acorn crop this year. This year is the second best year on record as far as number of deer harvested. Myself, I haven't arrowed a deer since 2012 and lost him somehow. Not that I am not trying. (: I have a real nice buck here running around on my father inlaws farm and the surrounding properties. I have saw him the last 2 nights in the soybean fields so, at least I know he made it through all the madness of gun season and muzzle load season. I hope I can keep him from making it to next season. (:

I was hunting in Grayson this past November. I didn't see much for deer, but beautiful country none the less. I know the deer were there just not cooperating.

From: XMan
Nice buck for sure! I am very surprised to hear it was a record kill year. Everyone I talked to was struggling this year, deer were so hard to pattern.

I am really looking forward to turkey season, hopefully they stick around this winter and make the hunting a tad easier than deer season.

Yeah, looks like the second highest harvest rate in 15 years. Imagine if all the poachers would actually check in what they

Owensboro here. Moved here 4 years ago. My truck died shortly after I moved here and I haven't had the ability to replace it yet. So I haven't yet hunted in Kentucky as a resident. I hunted here a few times while I lived in Indiana.

26 more days and counting......

anyone with some insight on archery hunting elk in Kentucky for a DIY guy......Better public areas, better numbers? thanks!

From: Longbow
came from ny to bowhunt grayson lake first week of december in carter and elliot counties. Saw 2 deer all week. Couldn't even see deer on the roads at night. Locals said they were hit harder than people think with ehd. I found a couple of carcasses myself and they were not wounded by hunters because they were close to one another.

From: vmang
Longbow. I just moved to Ky myself from NY in june. Most of the hunters have been complaining that the deer numbers in eastern KY are low this year. I live in spencer county about 3 hrs west of you. Deer numbers are good. Saw alot of small bucks at Taylorsville Lake WMA and 1 good buck. Go on for info from most of the hunters.

* I have a 'question' ???? .... several years ago my wife was the Banquet Speaker .... we met a couple and his name was/is Michael Mathews and her name (maybe) Michelle and I think they were close to Louisville (maybe) ..... he did some photography work and she was I think a E R Nurse .... does he frequent this site? ..... or does anyone have a e-mail contact for them? ... (I did years ago but lost in when a computer crashed) .... I appreciate the help! .... Thank You! (Herman & Judy Kovar, Illinois ... Indian Lady Bow Hunter) -}}}}}}}}}}------------------>

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