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2015 elk season?
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elkfulr 04-Nov-14
Bowhuntin 07-Nov-14
Yendor 22-Nov-14
westla 24-Nov-14
Dreaming Big 18-Feb-15
Stiknstring 13-Jul-15
Mr.C 09-Oct-15
From: elkfulr
Does anyone know what the elk season dates are going to be next year? Early season in particular.

From: Bowhuntin
The day after Labor Day which happens to be September 8th this year. Hoping they get us a fixed date for future seasons though, going back to a later start date would be nice even though we have one this coming year.

From: Yendor
This is the year that they re-address the hunting seasons. They can move it to any date that they want. If they keep the same idea of the day after Labor day it would be opening on the 8th. They were supposed to open it on the 8th every year, but that got changed 6 years ago to just follow Labor Day. People need to write the commision, and try to get the 8th fixed. It's the closest to the rut as we can hope for.

From: westla
I'd like to see it a week later. Too many Labor Day campers in the woods this year.

From: Dreaming Big
It should be the Saturday after Labor Day if the proposed season is adopted at the March meeting. Sep 12th to 24th!

From: Stiknstring
12th-24th YEAH BABY!! I am really looking forward to this year.

From: Mr.C
12 days for archery just stinks and I was moose hunting the entire time ,but I did notice I got a late hunt in a unit that hasn't had one in countless years and its a month long....I guess ill have to make room in the freezer next to the moose

Im holding a west side tag , uncut but not for long MikeC

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