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The Rut is On
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bigblue23 13-Nov-14
Robhunts 11-Nov-16
From: bigblue23

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bigblue23's embedded Photo
Hey guys the rut is cranking on the eastern shore. Seen 25 deer on monday all were chasing or being chased. Ended up sitting until 1030 when I got down to drag out my deer then headed back in and was set an hr later. The bucks were fighting and running all through the woods some of the best rutting activity I've ever seen. Have had big bucks on cam all day long mostly around 1 to 2 pm. So this is the week to be on stand. Good luck and post your hunting success on here. Here's the deer i shot

From: Robhunts
Can I ask where have you been hunting, I'm going that way on Saturday meeting up with my son who is just getting into hunting on some public land

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