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HighLife 15-Nov-14
justonebuck 02-Jul-17
Bowriter 06-Jul-17
Southpaw 13-Jul-17
Bowriter 02-Sep-17
From: HighLife
In about two years we are moving. Familiy wants us to move south. We do have property in Holladay. Pros and cons on living in Tn. Love my visits down here. I coon hunt/Archery/gun hunt and fish. Of course you know which way the family wants us to go LOL

From: justonebuck
Pros, tons of fishing opportunity for just about all species. Our mountains and tailwaters have amazing trout fishing, our lakes have great bass and crappie fishing. Also, there are more smallmouth streams than you could fish in a lifetime. The hunting is not bad either. We have long deer seasons (Sept-Jan) with generous bag limits. More turkeys than anywhere else that I have ever lived (Ive lived in 3 states) and some great small game opportunities. Cons: Tough to get into private property. Cost of living is lower but wages are lower as well, depending on the occupation of course. If you need to know more just give me a shout at

From: Bowriter
Justone, pretty well summed it up. Much will depend on where you live. East TN and West TN are two different countries.

From: Southpaw
Where's better hunting east or west? I'm on familiar with the eastern part tri cities to Knoxville

From: Bowriter
Sorry it took so long to get back to you. West is best hunting for deer and better than average fishing. Also,land is more expensive.

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