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VTslinger 28-Nov-14
I just got home from skinning a deer. He was shot yesterday but with the warm weather I thought he should be processed NOW. Before I had his hind quarters skinned I noticed two ticks. Soon they were dropping on the floor. I collected more that fifty and then they came to reside on me. I removed over a dozen so I came home and applied the tick killing shampoo. I hope I am done with these ticks for now.

From: bigbuck
you know 20 years ago ticks where pretty much unheard of in VT,the other day just out hunting walked through some high vegetation and looked down found like fifteen ticks crawling up my woolies!!!kind of scary!!

It is really scary when you know they are out for blood. I gt my first tick less than ten years ago. Now I check myself every night. Too often I find a bump with a tick attached. Tonight at the "cutting party the ticks visited everyone in the room. I removed all skin and hair this morning.

From: VTslinger
Yeah a buck I shot last year had 100's on it. When I went to put the tag in the ear there was over a dozen on just the 1 ear. I have,t had a tick on me in years or so. That's because I started applying Sawyers before the season. In 2011 I had well over 100 ticks on me between bow, rifle and black powder. Only 3 of them actually attached themselves. I won't even hunt without the stuff now. I have shot 2 deer this year and 3 last year so clearly it really is oderless after it dries.

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