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Non-Res. Hunting Cost (Exotics)
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crestedbutte 24-Nov-14
BOBSTER 07-Dec-14
Concerned 15-Sep-18
From: crestedbutte
Will be in Kerrville over the Thanksgiving holiday and understand there is a 5-day (exotic only) hunting license for $48 as an option for a non-res. No other fee's/licenses etc. required? I have hunters safety cert. so not worried about that. Assume I can buy this specific license on-line? Any recommendations or things to be aware of will be much appreciated and want to be legal as I transport across state lines back to KS!

crestedbutte, sorry about the late and usless reply now. Hope you had a good hunt down here in Texas. Sounds like you had the correct license to hunt exotics.


From: Concerned
Just stay away from crystal creek. All I can say

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