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Anybody talk here
New Hampshire
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onepin 25-Nov-14
hmaxims 06-Dec-14
onepin 08-Dec-14
Paul 09-Dec-14
Ole Coyote 11-Dec-14
Paul 12-Dec-14
bill v 27-Jan-15
From: onepin
Wow everyone must be out hunting. Got property in Bethlehem and going this weekend to hunt. Just wondering how everyones doing if any luck out there.

From: hmaxims
I've been a member here for a long time and the NH forum has always been quiet...Its too bad, I like this site and even though I am a Mass. resident (for now), I own property in NH also.

From: onepin
WOW there is life out there im from ct and our site as wellas the mass site r very busy

From: Paul
How's the season going up there in NH?

From: Ole Coyote
Have see about 40 deer so far no shooters yet! We need a split antler law here in NH to stop the brown and it's down mentality!

From: Paul
Yah here in ct we have that going on as well , use all the tags up don't think about next year.

From: bill v
I stop by here once in a while. I have family up there in NH. I hunted up there, 2 years ago was the last time. Dads in Guilford and sis is in Bow.

Bill V

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