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From: tobinsghost
Question for you hog hunters who shoot over bait. What do you use for bait? Corn only?

We have a product called sweet feed that the deer and elk love up here but I was just curious if there was something better than corn.

Setting up a new property down by Port-O.

From: tobinsghost
Another question, do hogs pay any attention to mineral blocks or licks?

Hogs will eat just about anything you put out there for them. Corn is just the most fed around here. If you put out blocks, it will probably get eatin all in one night or day, whenever they come in.

From: tobinsghost
Bob, thx for the help.

tobinsghost....we use to trap hogs when I was a kid in south Texas, Bob is right, those pigs will eat anything...but...if you take a five gallon bucket fill it about 5 inches from the top with corn, put a few really skunky beers in there and some raspberry jello powder and let if ferment for a couple weeks hogs love it.

From: nomad636
I agree with Texas_Bowhunter. We usually fill a 5gal bucket 2/3 full and pour fill it with water, a few skunky beers and an entire jug of raspberry coolaid powder (the sweet kind. We will let it sit for a week or two in the sun and it will nicely ferment.

The hogs love it!

From: nomad636
The best recipie i've found for West Texas hogs is as follows.

5gal bucket of corn, (2) 2litre bottles of Big Red soda, and 2 skunked beers. Top it off with water, put the lid on the bucket (cut a pressure relieve hole in the lid) and let it set in the sun for a few days. The warmer the weather, the less it needs to sit. If I have it handy... I'll also activate a few packages of yeast and mix it in with the liquid. I will check it after the first day and top it off with more water, as the corn absorbs a lot of the liquid.

Once it starts stinking, it is good to go. I had 40 pigs come in this past August to that mix and I had poured it in a place I had never hunted before.

Also, I always spray a healthy amount of Code Blue Sow in Heat on the bushes around my corn. This combination has proved successful for several hunts.

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