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Hog Hunt Suggestions
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Heat 15-Dec-14
kk 16-Dec-14
Heat 16-Dec-14
From: Heat
Could anyone recommend a hog hunt? Ideally I would like to hunt on a place that specializes in hogs. I would like to get myself and the kids a really good opportunity on a wild pig. Prefer low fence to high fence, but a big high fence place is OK too if it is big enough. Semi-guided would be my preference. Prefer a place where we could use a gun or bow.

What I'm trying to avoid are the helicopter, infrared scope, catch with dogs, etc. high pressure hunt scenarios. A relaxed evening over a feeder with lights is fine but prefer spot and stalk.

Does something like this exist? I could bring my own camping gear and food but am OK with that being provided as well for reasonable costs. I'm not expecting a free open bar or the Ritz Carlton, just a clean place that runs an ethical operation where I could bring my family. Something similar to Shiloh in OK?

I have no interest in exotics or deer for now, just hogs so a place that does that very well is my top priority.

Shiloh is not really an option when I would be driving by literally dozens of outfits with millions of hogs on the way through Texas from AZ.

Please post here so others can pick up suggestions as well but if you prefer to send me a PM go for it! Thanks!

From: kk
Heat I would ask that question on the main hunting forums under the hog catagory. Not much activity on this site recently. Think everybody is hunting. Wish I could help you.


From: Heat
Thanks KK! I've been checking things out on and also. Have had a few good suggestions there. I appreciate your reply! Merry Christmas!

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