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your 2014 ?
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ronsoutdoors 16-Dec-14
bigbuck 17-Dec-14
greenmountain 20-Dec-14
Rob in VT 21-Dec-14
ronsoutdoors 21-Dec-14
Wood Walker 23-Dec-14
VTslinger 01-Jan-15
Quinn @work 10-Jan-15
maya 04-Feb-15
deer hunter 03-Jul-15
From: ronsoutdoors
I was wondering about your 2014 season ? Let me say I had the best season in state I have ever had . A 5pt and a doe during archery and a nice 6pt during rifle . I do believe the heavy acorn crop was a help to me .I did this in three different towns .I also know of others that had a year like this in 2014

From: bigbuck
saw a total of 8 deer 1 buck had 2 weeks off bow season and the full rifle season off,not a good year for me!!!

It was bad year and it was a great year. Few deer seen in bow season. I got a nice buck in rifle season and I had an eventful muzzle loader season. Any year you get to hunt with old friends and cut some meat is a good year. My friend Doug also got a nice buck. Both of us had many ticks on our bucks. How did others fare with ticks?

From: Rob in VT

Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Rob in VT's embedded Photo
I saw 3 deer during rifle and muzzleloader season in VT. One was a 6pt, but I couldn't get a clean shot.

I did take a really nice wide 180lb 8pt in Ontario on a DIY hunt. I had the best time hunting up there. One all day sit on stand I saw 9 bucks cruise by. A couple bristled up and locked horns. It was so cool to see deer relaxed and acting like deer.

From: ronsoutdoors
Nice one Rob , greenmountain I think the ticks are hit or miss .I didn't find any on the 3 I got although I do know other people had the same report as you

From: Wood Walker
didn't see a single deer rifle season. Saw only one buck bow season.

From: VTslinger
Ticks weren't as bad for me this year. I managed to tag out without any antlers. I shot 2 doe during archery and a 3rd during black powder. I saw one spike and a 6 pt. Just after legal shooting ended. Both were during rifle season and was it for antlers all fall.

From: Quinn @work
This is sad. It seems like the fish and wildlife and Vermonter hunters are the worst thing for Vermont's weak deer herd. Multiple seasons, over the counter licenses, spot lighters, and hunters who can't stop shooting multiple does and bucks every year. Your deer hunting will always be dismal with these factors.

From: maya

maya's embedded Photo
maya's embedded Photo
My bow buck...8pt 163#. Passed on several small bucks rifle season and smoke pole was a bust.

From: deer hunter

deer hunter's embedded Photo
deer hunter's embedded Photo
hunting was great - 4 of us went hunting . 3 of us got bucks on opening day. i harvested a nice 5 point buck with a 14 1/2" spread. my cousins harvested a nice 4 point buck and a 6 point buck. I saw 7 deer opening day and 11 deer the next day. BUT, only one shooter a small 3 pointer. I COULDN'T shoot anymore .BUT, previously - VERMONT has been very tough place to hut deer . I'M LOOKING FORWARD HUNTING THIS FALL.

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