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Seattle area hunting?
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Boone 29-Dec-14
b0w_bender 06-Jan-15
Boone 12-Jan-15
Dreaming Big 18-Feb-15
Mr.C 29-May-15
Mr.C 09-Oct-15
44magnum 29-Jul-17
From: Boone
What hunting opportunities exist around Seattle area? How far who one have to travel to get into good hunting?

From: b0w_bender
There are significant blacktail populations on whidbey island and you can find blacktails bears and Elk in some cases within an hours drive from Seattle.

From: Boone
Thanks for the info.

From: Dreaming Big
Anyone have any tips on how to gain access to land on Whibdey Island? I live in Mukilteo and would love to get over there and do some black tail hunting.

From: Mr.C
the ferry boat! hahaha .no seriously just go knock on doors! find the old home on a good chunk of land with the old couple and barter some labor for access ,I would start there ,good luck

lots of deer and bear on all the islands,but your only an hour from the top of the Cascades were the big muleys hang out,get on the PCT go North good luck B safe MikeC

From: Mr.C
Boone did you find a spot to hunt... I might be able to help you out if need be..Might only be a cow Elk but its meat in the freezer


From: 44magnum
I'm looking for a good spot for black bear any suggestions

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