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Trad shooters???
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LiveOutdoors 30-Dec-14
VTer 31-Dec-14
LiveOutdoors 05-Jan-15
greenmountain 05-Jan-15
beanie 08-Jan-15
From: LiveOutdoors
Hey guys, I am planning to purchase my first recurve in a couple weeks. Are there many guts who shoot traditional here in VT? I would love to meet up and shoot and learn from someone who has alot of experience. I do not know anyone personally, and not sure if it is very popular here.

Thanks, Joe

From: VTer
There's a few of us around. What town you in?

From: LiveOutdoors
I live in shelburne. I plan to head up to Pelkeys Archery soon to shoot a couple.

VTer can teach you a lot.

From: beanie
VTer you old fish shooter

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