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The forks
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Paul 05-Jan-15
jma6439 10-Apr-15
DeerJesus 23-Oct-17
jax2009r 08-Nov-17
From: Paul
Anyone hunt around the forks . Or any info on northen outdoors thinking of booking a rifle hunt with them .

From: jma6439

jma6439's embedded Photo
jma6439's embedded Photo
Paul, It has come to my attention that someone is using your photograph from an archery Turkey hunt and claiming that it is him and his bird. I think that you copyright your photos, yes? His name is Bill Klingensmith and I saw the picture on his page "Bill's Outdoors" on Google Plus. All I had to do was a reverse image search and sure enough it showed your photo I will include it here so you know which one that I am speaking about. BTW, I am his Ex Fiancee, so please don't mention me if possible, but I thought you needed to be made aware of this! Janet Doubledee.

From: DeerJesus
I hunt the forks all the time. Go late follow the snow. I am not a fan of hockmier! Go talk to Gordon at Berry’s store. He can help.

From: jax2009r
i hunt the area....they take alot of hunters...of course a few get nice can hunt that area guide free and have just as much luck...especially if there is snow

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