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Raspberry Island deer
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From: mixed bag
I'm looking at booking a diy blacktail hunt on Raspberry Island.Never heard of it so I figured I should ask a little about it.Is the deer population doing good there or nearby?I know a few years back there was a bad winter die off around Kodiak.Would there be good glassing on this island or is it more thick timber?Found out last year hunting them in timber is pretty difficult.They have a late Oct or a early Nov openings;which is better?I'm guessing the early Nov will be closer to rut. Would there be good saltwater fishing in early Nov?They offer guided fishing in the salt.Just wanted to make sure in Nov I'd be catching more then seaweed Thanks

From: elmer@laptop
Really tough tough country to hunt for deer. Even harder than for the eLk. Dense brush. Kodiak deer hunt would be easier!

From: mixed bag
Thank you, that helps a lot with making my decision

From: buskill
Ive always wanted to try, let us know how it goes.

Yeah, I would say if you’re spending the money to hunt Kodiak or the surrounding Islands don't go to Raspberry. You want to go on Kodiak itself and preferably toward the south end of the Island where the country is more open and mountains less steep.

From: mixed bag
thanks blacktailbob.Is it safe at all to camp in that area of Kodiak and deer hunt?Im trying to find guys to rent your shack there but they all act like they need 4 star accomadations

The buck shack isn't for them. Its pretty basic.

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