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From Pa - Looking for hunt Dec 2015
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From: HerdManager
I am looking for a decent place to bring my kids (13 yr old boy and 15 yr old girl, both dedicated bowhunters) on a bowhunt late this year. Would prefer free-range. Not looking for trophy quality, just a hunt with a chance to harvest some deer. Will the rut in TX still be going on in late December?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

From: Kdog
Sorry I don't have a place I can recommend. As far as the rut goes, it will depend on where you are hunting. As a general rule, if you are south of Hwy 90/I10 late december should be prime time.

I hunt around Del Rio and the bucks chase hard December 5th-15th, I would say is the peak of activity. I like to hunt at the end of the month. If you are hunting a feeder this is when the bucks will still be active and but will come in and eat during daylight hours and all day long.

Here is some general info on Texas. The rut actually varies quite a bit throughout the state.

HerdManager, Look at First Point Bowhunting and Brushy Hill bowhunting Ranches. They might be hard to get into in December because of the rut and thats when everyone want to hunt these places. The Lone Star Bowhunters Association does a youth hunt at First Point in October and the kids always have a great time. Hipe this helps.

HerdManager...the rut will be in full swing in December south of the I-10, depending on the moon and weather it may be at the end of it. Texas has a lot of "day hunt" ranches to offer. You can probably google these places now, I use to look them up in the Houston Chronicle classifieds years about. There is also the national forest near Huntsville Texas. I know they allowed hunting when I lived there (its been 7 years), but will be moving back to Texas in a few months and can find more info for you, only because your from PA and my mom hails from York, Pa. Hope this helps.

From: milnrick
Do a search for Perdernal Bowhunts, Laredo TX. He runs a very clean operation for deer, hogs and javelina. I apologize, I don't have his contact info handy.

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