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Fishing within 50 miles of New Orleans
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mnjen 30-Jan-15
Chief 419 31-Jan-15
From: mnjen
I would like to take my son fishing in the gulf. I am visiting my son recovering from chemo for my terminal cancer. We can't afford a charter given my medical expenses. Cheapest one I found was $400 per person. We just want to go out for a half day. We can help with gas and possibly a small stipend. Just trying to find a local that would help us out. This will probably be my first and last fishing trip in that area. Never fished in the ocean before. Dates march 19 or 20, 2015.

Any help you can provide is much appreciate from my bowsite buddies.



From: Chief 419
Jon, I have my own boat and live in the N.O. area. I generally target saltwater species like redfish and drum. I usually fish in the saltwater marsh in the Lafitte area which is approximately 30 minutes South of New Orleans. February and March are typically the slowest months of the year for saltwater fishing, but fish can be caught.

Offshore fishing is hit or miss at this time of the year due to weather. The boat ride out there will wear you down at this time of year and won't leave you much fishing time. Being a fellow Bowsiter, I would like to extend an invitation for you and your son to fish with me free of charge. Send me a PM with your contact info.

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