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maya 31-Jan-15
From: maya
Deer hunters may soon see some changes in Vermont. The Fish & Wildlife Board passed a preliminary vote last week to make the following changes to this year's hunting season:

-The first part of archery deer season would be lengthened by ten days – seven days prior to the existing season and three days after. -Crossbows would be legalized for use whenever a regular bow and arrow could be used. -Archery and muzzleloader season limits would be reduced from three to two deer.

They also voted to prohibit the use of natural deer urine-based lures starting in 2016 in order to prevent the potential spread of Chronic Wasting Disease to Vt's herd. (Artificial lures would still be fine).

The department will also conduct a three-year evaluation of the effects of the regulation changes, including gathering more data on the current antler point restriction.

A series of public hearings, follow-up board meetings and two more Board votes will be following in coming months before any changes can be adopted.

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