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dajukeboxhero 05-Feb-15

Firstly, I would like to announce that I have absolutely zero experience with hunting as a whole; however, while on deployment, one of my very close friends has been talking up a major storm about bow hunting. Needless to say, through his stories and the excitement I get from just listening, bow hunting is definitely something that I want to start.

I will be moving to Oahu around the April time frame, I do not have a bow, arrows, stand, hunting clothing, or anything else that goes along with the territory. I have read into the ram, goat, and lamb hunts that are available as well as special hunting on different islands. I am mainly looking for recommendations on where to go to buy gear (mainly a place that would rather help me than try to rip me off since my budget isn't that high) as well as where to go to find a guide for a hunt. And that's just for when I'm ready to hunt. If available, I would also like to know where some good archery ranges are.

I realize I'm asking a lot of vague questions, but this is definitely something that i would like to get into.

Any help would be much appreciated and I look forward to reading responses as well as becoming a member of the bow hunting community.

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