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4th Annual Turkey Hunt Seminar -- Free
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Klickitatvalley 12-Feb-15

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This seminar is a great place to meet and visit with hunters from around the NW. Lots of stories and friend making. Many do a hunt then come to the Seminar.

4th Annual 2015 Spring Turkey Hunting Seminar Sat. April 18th Sponsored by Cabela's And Klickitat Valley Guides Resort.

Seminar Time: 3:00 p.m. Location: Klickitat Valley Guides Resort (home of the big boss Tom) See driving directions

Come join us for what promises to bring your Turkey hunting skills to a new level!! Bring the youths!! Great prize giveaway. Bow shoot and lots of good friend making. Many folks do a hunt then come to the seminar. Near by WDFW camp grounds Mile marker 5 and 15, Hwy 142 Klickitat Valley.

Seminar Speakers Klickitat Valley Guide/Cabela's Pro Staff Tracy Zoller, Mossy Oak pro staff, Pennsylvania's top national caller Shawn Kotchey of Millcreek Valley Game Calls, Cabela's Outfitter, National Wild Turkey Federation Jerry Hipp, Bow Pro Staff Devin Tweety.

Seminar talks will include Basic Scouting: Getting to know a Turkey's daily habits and identifying turkey signs. Calling: Demonstrating the different sounds and how to make them on a call. Avoiding the most common pit falls of the amateur Turkey hunter. Decoy usage and placement. Shooting blind positioning. Call shy birds: How to deal with a mature tom that does not answer to calling. Turkeys under pressure: Tactics for hard hunted gobblers. Gobbler with Hens: How to deal with a boss tom in the company of hens that will not leave them. Hung up gobblers: What to do if the gobbler keeps his distance. Turkey hunting safety. information about Turkey hunting equipment such as: Patterning a shotgun correctly How to set up a bow for turkey hunting. These talks will take your hunting skills to a new level.

Enrollment is free and can be taken by phone or email, we need to keep a approximate head count for seating.

Feel free to call or email with any questions Ph-509- 369-2366

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