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Lanai Axis deer hunt
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Cuacopollo 16-Feb-15
glass eye 16-Feb-15
Kawabunga 22-Feb-15
From: Cuacopollo
My wife works for Navy in Pearl Harbor. She was lucky enough to draw the muzzleloader Axis hunt on Lanai. She is a good hunter and has taken several elk by muzzleloader back in NM.

Apologies,I know this is an archery forum. I was hoping to get her some information on logistics for the hunt. Especially, if she kills one and quarters it up, how to get it cold and shipped back to Oahu? Is there a meat locker there, or a processor? Or just buy a big Ice chest there? Anywhere to buy one? Any way to ship stuff by boat?

Any places to avoid for the hunt?

Thanks for any advice you can send her way....

From: glass eye
Did she draw the 1st or 2nd weekend ? I drew the 2nd but I will be there for both weekends, bowhunting the private side first and capping it off with the muzzleloader hunt. As for buying an ice chest there, Lana'i has very little of anything at high prices. Best to take an ice chest. Why ship the meat back ? just bring it back on the plane as luggage. I don't know the weight allowances of the puddle-jumpers but I will be taking my venison back with me as luggage on AK airlines. I'll be on Maui on the 4th but won't go over to Lana'i until Saturday 7th. If she drew the 2nd weekend she can hook up with me. I'm taking my wife and a friend with his wife. You can pm me for my cell # if you are interested.

From: Kawabunga
Yeah the best thing would be to get it frozen, most places have chest freezers, then just bring it back as luggage. You can't have ice in coolers on the plane so it would have to be frozen, I think even the hotels will help you out with that. Like glass eye said just bring a cooler as luggage, you can put gear in it and if you get something throw the gear in an extra bag or carry stuff on.

Should be a fun hunt, good luck guys.

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