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2015 Who is heading where when?
New Brunswick
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Bou'bound 28-Feb-15
Bou'bound 04-Mar-15
Cornbread 10-Mar-15
Elauwit 11-Mar-15
TSI 12-Mar-15
Canuck 28-Mar-15
Bou'bound 28-Mar-15
Jeff Budik 03-Apr-15
Bou'bound 04-Apr-15
NY Bowman 14-Apr-15
Bou'bound 26-Apr-15
Bou'bound 15-May-15
new 2the bow 15-May-15
Bou'bound 15-Jun-15
Jeff Budik 22-Jun-15
Ungie01201 24-Jun-15
NYbob 08-Aug-15
From: Bou'bound
Who is looking forward to a bear hunt in NB in 2015. Tell when you are heading to woods there and with whom.

There are rumors the snow in the bush may actually be gone bfore the end of the season so things may be interesting..............let's make it a great year and share the details along the way.

I will be with TSI the week of 5/31

From: Bou'bound
be lonely in the woods up there i guess.................

From: Cornbread
I think Gene, Tom, and Charles are going up.

From: Elauwit
With Taz in September.

From: TSI
Springs a comeing

From: Canuck
With Taz in September

From: Bou'bound
is the snow up there melting yet. how many weeks behind are things.

From: Jeff Budik
Hey Bou,

I spoke with Corey about a week ago, still reporting lot's of snow however, with it warming up it should go quick. Heading up 3rd week of June to hunt with him again this year. Had a great time last year passing on some nice bear before running out of time. Your heading up earlier than usual this year? Be well.


From: Bou'bound
I am hunting in the spring for the first time since 09. have been fall hunts the last 5 years. Good luck to you, Jeff.

From: NY Bowman
My oldest daughter and I are returning to hunt with a buddy June 3rd - 6th in South Central NB. Had lots of bears visiting last year and killed a nice 18 9/16" with my longbow.

Snow is starting to melt from what I hear.

From: Bou'bound
won't be long now and things should start happening

From: Bou'bound
hopefully things will start to ramp up a bit here this is the deadest the NB forum has been in spring in a decade. where's all the action

From: new 2the bow
Heading up the first week in Sept...wish it was sooner..good luck to all

From: Bou'bound

Bou'bound's embedded Photo
Bou'bound's embedded Photo
I was up a couple weeks ago with Dave Cole and TSI and took this one with five minutes left on the last night. Seventh bear seen that night. The hunters really let him down that week or the camp could easily have gone 11 for 11. Guys were seeing bear all week, different amount and size in different places, but action daily and the weather was not good for three days in fact only myself and two others of 11 hunted on Tuesday night.

How did we as hunters in camp let him down.........

2 Bow kills (mine and one other)

2 lost bear with bows including an incredible monster that was a known bear. (Millie if you are reading this this was the brute you were hunting last year.........sorry he won't bet there next year unfortunately)

2 gun misses at 14 and 18 yards. I don't hunt with a gun so I did not know this was possible.

1 gun bear wounded and lost at 15 yards (rain really hurt our efforts to recover, but still a lost bear with a slug gun)

3 gun kills

1 gun hunter passed a very makeable 20 yard shot on the first night a big boar just behind the bait site.......... he was waiting for a "perfect" shot at the bait. he kicked himself all week.

The statistics in no way are indicative of the effort and quality of the operation Dave runs. It was great to hunt with him and I will be there next June.

I strongly recomment this operation for someone looking for a solid hunt with full service ammenities and poeple who really are committed to showing the hunter a greast chance at a mature bear.

From: Jeff Budik

Jeff Budik's embedded Photo
Jeff Budik's embedded Photo
My 2015 P&Y bear shot on my first night hunting last week with Corey Spencer of Chase Outfitters.

From: Ungie01201
shot my moose years back with Taxis River Outfitters. Looks like they put some nice bears on the ground there as well.

From: NYbob
I hope you didn't leave it with Corey to have it mounted!!

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