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Bows in first Gun?
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Woodsman416 05-Mar-15
shortstop 05-Mar-15
Blue Blood 06-Mar-15
IaHawkeye 06-Mar-15
ahunter55 06-Mar-15
Blue Blood 06-Mar-15
t-roy 07-Mar-15
4nolz@work 11-Mar-15
From: Woodsman416
I've been invited to hunt in Iowa next year. The property owner has a little over 600 acres in zone 4 and lives near me in NJ. I'm sitting on three points right now but he wants me to go with him and a couple of other local guys first gun 2016. He's got some family members that hunt the farm during bow season. I'm pretty sure I could go out during bow, I don't think it would be until 2017. So is it legal to bowhunt that week?

From: shortstop
Bow season closes around January 10th of each year in Iowa. I think it's the same for non res.

From: Blue Blood
Bow season closes during gun season. The only overlap is during muzzleloader. Somebody smarter than me maybe could explain the reason but ive yet to think of one. I hate sitting around for 3 weeks of December not being able to bowhunt.

From: IaHawkeye
You can't bow hunt during shotgun seasons .If you have a muzzle loader tag, early or late season, you can bow hunt the. But, you must have a bow tag and a muzzle loader tag.

From: ahunter55
I thought you can only bowhunt late muzzy & not early.

From: Blue Blood
Early Muzzleloader runs during bow season. That and late season are the only time guns and bows share the woods. No archery during shotgun seasons.

From: t-roy
You can bow hunt the entire Oct. 1 to Jan. 10 season except the 2 shotgun seasons. Also, you do not need an additional muzzleloader tag to hunt during those seasons. As long as you have an archery tag+hunting license+habit stamp you are legal to hunt.

From: 4nolz@work
save your bowtag/points- after the application period is over re-apply for leftover antlerless tag for shotgun-it is legal to shoot a buck with a shotgun with your group if someone in your group applies a buck tag to the deer.Use a shotgun this year use your bow next year-if you apply for a buck shotgun tag you will obviously draw but it will use up all those precious preference points you need to draw a buck bow tag.

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