Carbon Express Arrows
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From: mdog
I have 3 preference points for Iowa for 2015. My brothers and I have been taken by dishonest outfitters in Illinois for the last time No more. They always state that they have low hunting pressure but it's always the same old line. when deer approach from upwind and steer clear of your stand when they are 75-100 yards out you know that the stands are hunted hard. We have tried getting references but for some reason we still have a hard time getting a decent outfitter. We hunted archery in Iowa about 6 years ago on a private piece of land and saw some nice deer. Not sure this piece of land is still available due to unforeseen circumstances.

What zones are the best for Iowa archery and can you recommend an HONEST HARD WORKING outfitter that truly wants their clients to be successful? One who doesn't just run 10-15 hunters through 100 acres each and every week One who has 2-3 stands for each hunter to hunt in case the wind is wrong or the stand is just burned out? If you have any leads and don't want to publish please sen me a PM at

thank you in advance

From: Deerman1
What year will you guys come out?

From: cityhunter
what zone u looking to hunt .

I hunted Iowa zone 5 with an outfitter last year and it was amazing. 4 guys in camp that week and all four killed a 150 or better. pm me if you like.

From: Malvert
Kentuck, Sent you a PM

From: Jzeno186
Any outfitter recommendations for SE Iowa ?

From: Scooby-doo
If I had 3 points and I drew a tag. I would do a DIY hunt. Cheaper and if ya have a few weeks I would think you can get on some good deer. Shawn

I have 5 points in my pocket think I will put in zone 5 was there in 2010 might go public land

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