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Deer hunt for my little girl....
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coelker 06-Mar-15
4nolz@work 06-Mar-15
coelker 06-Mar-15
t-roy 07-Mar-15
coelker 09-Mar-15
4nolz@work 10-Mar-15
From: coelker
Well my little girl is turning 9 this spring and is interested in something bigger than rabbits. I have a friend who has places to hunt in unit 2 arpund Boone. He has suggested we do the late muzzy hunt that runs over Xmas break.

If she is properly prepared is this a decent hunt? We are not looking for a big buck just a buck. Will the deer be into feeding patterns and trying to focus on fattening up?

Is there any chance for a reduced cost doe tag? Do youth get a price break? I see the buck tags were like 460 each. I have never hunted spehite tails myself, but would like an opportunity if it arises.

What do you think?

From: 4nolz@work
do the Youth season-warmer,pre-rut.

From: coelker
I would but since I am a teacher getting time off is hard. The later season hit mine and her Christmas Break.

From: t-roy
Not sure about reduced price youth tags. If your friend has food plots, she should have a very good chance at a buck, especially if you get some cold weather during that time. I live just north of Boone & zone 2 is a pretty easy zone to draw a tag in. If she doesn't draw on her first try, she is pretty much guarenteed that she will draw the next year.

I would suggest you & your daughter hunting out of an enclosed blind for several reasons. Even if you get really cold weather she will be able to stay fairly comfortable & enjoy her hunt more than if she gets cold. Movement can be an issue. Deer here get especially jumpy during late season here & tend to spook very easily. Generally during the late season the evening hunting is usually a lot better than the morning hunts because you are primarily hunting food sources. It's hard to get into food sources in the mornings without spooking everything.

Also, if you are planning your hunt over Christmas break, the shotgun season ends on Dec. 20th in 2015. Not sure how many days you would be planning to hunt, but if you are limited to just a few day, I would suggest hunting later during the break than earlier. The pumpkinhead army chases em around pretty hard & IMO the farther you get away from the end of the shotgun season, the better. They start to settle down & get back into their normal feeding patterns once the stop getting harassed constantly.

Hope that helps you some. Keep us posted on things. Good luck to you & your daughter!...Troy

From: coelker
Troy thanks for the help! We are coming out Christmas Day and hope to be hunting the day after x,as until jan 1. She will have lots of warm clothes and I have a portable popup blind!

I was supposed that there were no significant cost savings for youth! Tags here are almost given to kids!

What about doe tags? Are those drawn apt the same time? My buddy probably knows all this but I like to research as well!

From: 4nolz@work
nonresident holiday deer tag-antlerless only,between 12/25-1/1,muzzleoader,inexpensive.

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