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looking to bow hunt R.I. this fall
Rhode Island
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droptine 18-Mar-15
GED 07-Apr-15
Island archer 30-Aug-15
STM 30-Aug-15
Ramman 29-Oct-15
From: droptine
I travel to Warwick to see my daughter,looking at rt.146 an 295 south to 95 looks like there could be some good spots off 295 south to hunt any one hunt those areas? appreciate any info thanks

From: GED
RI is a written permission state. You can't just park and hunt like the states to the North. Plenty of opportunity on public land though

Look into prudence island for a weekend trip . Lots of public land here, the deer herd isn't what it used to be but it's less pressured than it used to be too

From: STM
Any feedback on the hunting in South County RI. I was looking around the Woody Hills area in Westerly.

From: Ramman
I would love to hunt down there and would be willing to trade hunts or info on hunting spots in live in VT pretty good hunting but not nearly as good as there

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