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maya 19-Mar-15
beanie 19-Mar-15
VTer 19-Mar-15
DT 20-Mar-15
DT 20-Mar-15
LiveOutdoors 20-Mar-15
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maya 24-Mar-15
From: maya
I was just informed from a friend that talked to a member of the Vermont F&W board that they are considering banning trail cameras!!! Has anyone heard about this?

From: beanie
Would not surprise me

From: VTer
Must be they're upset that not enough people were sending them trailcam pics for the F&W website

From: DT
I dont see this happening. Im looking into it. I see nothing listed other than drones but will see what I can find!

From: DT
From a current board member.....

"There has been nothing introduced about outlawing trail camera. There has been a discussion about having to have landowner permission about placing them on someone else's land.

If something changes in the future I will be sure to let you know. "

From: LiveOutdoors
In this months issue of one of my hunting magazines it goes over all the proposed laws for the northeast states. It does not mention it for VT but it does talk about how NH is talking about banning them. Maybe things got twisted around a little bit.

From: bucktail
Maya what reason did your friend give you ?

From: maya
LiveOutdoors, my friend also said that the board member mentioned that NH was considering it too.

Bucktail, he said the board member said cams and going to check them is stressing deer! LOL

All they said is that they were discussing it, not making any proposals.....yet.

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