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Are bear out yet
Contributors to this thread:
JayR 21-Mar-15
moosenelson 31-Mar-15
beave 03-Apr-15
JayR 06-Apr-15
Alexis Desjardins 06-Apr-15
49°+North 23-Apr-15
JayR 24-Apr-15
From: JayR
Has anyone seen any bears out yet

From: moosenelson
We are going scouting 2morrow. Will advise.

From: beave
A buddy of mine saw one out a week ago near Lac Du Bonnet. I won't be baiting til closer to May.

From: JayR
Checked my four bait sites this weekend still no pics

I seen one yesterday she had this years Cubs but I didn't get to see them she took them in a culvert, seen a big bear track also, another week or so before they start hitting baits I would think.

From: 49°+North
I haven't seen any myself. Just put out baits yesterday. I would think the bears are out.

From: JayR
3 out of 4 bait sites have been hit now cameras are up

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