hunting around St Johnsbury
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From: Shortdraw
Hey guys, How is the hunting in St J? It's been 16 years since i've been back home to Vt and i'm sure it's changed quite a bit. I remember hunting was decent up there depending on how bad the winter was. Moose seemed to be doing well. How's the deer and turkey hunting up there? Trout Fishing still decent? How about on the NH side by littleton etc.?

From: LiveOutdoors
I have never hunted St. J area. I have a camp in west Danville and have been in that area for 31 years now. Ive seen more deer in the past than I have in the last couple years. I snowmobiled over 800 miles in Vt this year, always leaving from west danville and either starting through St. J or coming back that way and to be honest there was not much fresh sign crossing the trails. We went to NH one trip and as soon as we crossed the border we saw deer and sign the whole trip. I would hunt NH if you have access.

From: Shortdraw
Well I have a job possibility and i'm playing with the idea of taking it. Not for certain yet. I'm used to way VT is with deer as I grew up there but as i said i haven't been home in a good number of years. I hunted the Islands, Springfield, Starksboro, Charlotte, parts of Shelburne and Woodstock. If I were to take this i could live on either side of the river. I know NH has way better deer for the most part or at least used to.

From: LiveOutdoors
I live in Shelburne and have hunted here for about 5 years now. Its not bad hunting here for Vt. Every year I have either seen or shot a nice buck in the early archery season. This past season on the second morning right at first light I had a big beautiful 8 pt, that i had watched all summer, come in broadside at 25 yards. The problem was he came in with a decent 7 pt but I wasnt interested in him. Anyway I couldnt draw on the big guy and they walked off not spooked. Never saw them on stand again but had plenty of pics of them after that. Shelburne has been fun to hunt. It definitely has some of the better habitat in the state and the snow doesnt really last that long here. I could see my grass until late January and i havent had any snow in my yard for 2 weeks now.

Hope everything works out for you.

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