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Deer Meetings
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beanie 25-Mar-15
VTer 25-Mar-15
beanie 26-Mar-15
bigbuck 29-Mar-15
maya 30-Mar-15
From: beanie
Anyone been to or going to the Deer meetings?

From: VTer
Thinking about hitting St Albans tomorrow with Kerr, but we got a water break to do, so we'll see how that goes

From: beanie
May see you there

From: bigbuck
Went to the one in Bratt,well attended and somewhat civil,there was a lot of anti crossbow season speech some where in favor of crossbows for older and very young,was a lot of talk in favor of going to 3 points on a side and a 1 buck yearly limit.of course predator control was also a big topic.80 % where against the ban on urine deer deer lures until it was proven that it causes CWD.surpriseing!!

From: maya
Went to the Castleton meeting. It was better than every meeting I've been to before.Very civil. With the new format going into groups after the talk on the deer and moose seasons, everyone seemed to open up much more than in the past. We had about 10 in the group I was in and everyone spoke up alot on all the topics. Afterward the group leaders told the entire group their groups thoughts on all the topics..... There were about 10 groups and only one was against a longer bow season, but wanted a 2 deer limit for bow season. Most were against ban on deer urine lures, against crossbows for all, but for their use for older hunters(over 50).

There was also talk of 1 buck limit, 3 points on a side, yotes and habitat.

One funny story was about that deer team leader (forget his name) that went back to Wisconsin.He was asked what he thought would be the best thing Vermont could do to help the deer herd and he said, " clear cut the GMNF!" lol

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