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Fredbear 05-Apr-15
nhbowman 22-Apr-15
Fredbear 06-May-15
nhbowman 10-May-15
Ole Coyote 21-May-15
From: Fredbear
Has anybody been seeing any turkeys in southern nh? I live in nashua and am looking for a new spot. Thanks for any information!!

From: nhbowman
ride along the roads in Hollis theres plenty of birds in that town

From: Fredbear

Fredbear's embedded Photo
Fredbear's embedded Photo
Thanks for the info shot this bird opening day in hollis

From: nhbowman
congrats on your bird and its also a real good place to hunt deer

From: Ole Coyote
Come over to the Chesterfield or Walpole area plenty of birds and lots of open unposted land also plenty of farm lands that can be hunted just ask nicely!

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