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ASTB Children's Hospital Shoot
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JAG 14-Apr-15
Eric Krewson 14-Apr-16
Joey Ward 02-May-16
From: JAG
The Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen is sponsoring the Children's Hospital Shoot on April 25 & 26. Great fun and a good course. It will be held at Brierfield State Park, outside of Montevallo, Al. There will be an auction Sat. evening, with a lot of good things going on the block. Here is a small sample: Looking forward to the Children's Hospital Shoot. Southern Zone Director Steve Pate has procured/secured 4 Custom Bows for the auction! These are high performance bows, one of a kind. Lower poundage bows, under 42#. Thanks to HoBow Bows, from Georgia and Far West, Ghostmaker Bows, from New Mexico. So bring your old musty, wrinkled up Cash. Bid 'em up for the KIDS!

From: Eric Krewson
When I see a post from JAG I feel a tinge of sadness. Johnny passed away from a heart attack last year, he was a fine man, the kind of man we all wish we could be.

From: Joey Ward

Joey Ward's embedded Photo
Joey Ward's embedded Photo
Did not know that Johnny had passed. Sorry to hear that.

This picture, from a hunt we did in Bullock county years ago, shows Johnny kneeling(far right) in his black cowboy hat, and Russ Dickson standing behind him.

And a few other outlaws....... :-)

We had some fun.

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