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Retirement land/ hunting land
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wifishkiller 20-Apr-15
itshot 20-Apr-15
Swampbuck 21-Apr-15
From: wifishkiller
Been kicking around the idea of picking up some land and entertaining the idea of Florida. Nothing crazy just 20-40 acres, that I can maybe hunt pigs and or deer on. Just a relaxing place that I might visit a few times a year for now.

From: itshot
Plenty of land, all depends on where you want to be and what youd like to spend

NE & NW coasts are ideal especially if you like fishing too, but might find better deals inland

The days of 2k/acre seem long gone, but some larger tracts have sold for that recently

Best of luck in your search

From: Swampbuck
On average where I'm at your looking at $3000-$3500 an acre. Farm credit of Florida is a good place to look. Also Jim King realty of Chiefland, FL deals with small and large track of hunting land. Good luck.

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