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Crossbow Hunting Outside Seattle
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Robert2 06-May-15
Yendor 22-May-15
Mr.C 28-May-15
Bowhuntin 11-Jul-15
Mr.C 09-Oct-15
From: Robert2
Hi, new to hunting in Washington and live in Shoreline. I just got a permit to use crossbow during bow season and wondering if anyone knew of a place to practice legally. I've called Wildlife, Parks, City of Seattle, Police and a couple of Archery places. No one seems to know of a place to use crossbow.

Can I go to a public hunting area and practice?

From: Yendor
Did you get the permit as a disabled Hunter. That is the Only way to use one during archery season. I would think That you could practice at Kenmore range.

From: Mr.C

Mr.C's embedded Photo
Mr.C's embedded Photo
Welcome to Washington! you find a spot? are you a disabled hunter if so there some really good opertunity for you and a partner in disabled hunter only areas... TSC (Tacoma Sportsman Club) allows them at one target 1 hour south of you.... ....Yendor your right sorta,that regs book is confusing to say they can use it during modern and muzzleloader seasons in firearms restricted areas as well...closed to firearms area bull xbow 30 yrds sister inlaws first Elk


From: Bowhuntin
Skookum archery on the south hill of Puyallup allows crossbows on our range. Might be a bit of a drive from Seattle though. You could always find a place in the national forest to shoot as well.

From: Mr.C
any luck ???Check the Knock point in lynnwood area...

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