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Wood Walker 09-May-15
bigbuck 10-May-15
LiveOutdoors 10-May-15
VTer 12-May-15
beanie 14-May-15
bigbuck 16-May-15
VTer 23-May-15
Shortdraw 23-May-15
maya 23-May-15
VTer 25-May-15
Shortdraw 26-May-15
From: Wood Walker
Anybody shootin turkeys?

From: bigbuck
so far no,called in 9 jakes so far no big birds ,looking like deer had a rough winter,see a lot of young white pines and beech trees browsed right down,not looking good in the mountains!

From: LiveOutdoors
Havent been out at all. It doesnt look like Im going to be able to either. I have so much work right now that we are working 6 days a week. Last week I saw 6 gobblers in the area I hunt. 3 long beards and 3 jakes with a group of 9 hens. Maybe I'll get a crack at them in the fall.

From: VTer

VTer's embedded Photo
VTer's embedded Photo
I got this one the 1st Saturday. 18#'s. He was with 3 hens but took a strong dislike to my jake decoy. It was his last mistake. My 1st shot looked good and he ran off 10' but then came back to whoop on my jake again so I got another shot that broke his hip and he didn't go far

From: beanie
Nice! What brand is the blind?

From: bigbuck
Congrats on a great bird VTer!!

From: VTer
Tim, it's a Barronett. Got it online.....very roomy

From: Shortdraw
Nice bird Greg!!!!!! Still shooting that Silvertip or have you switched it out for something else? Still hunting over by Starksboro?

From: maya
Nice shooting Vter!

From: VTer
Scott, the Schafer has been handed down to my son. I shoot a Hill Country Harvest Master Takedown now

From: Shortdraw
Very nice my friend!!!!!!! Seems to be shooting well for you.

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