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T43 16-May-15
LongbowLes 16-May-15
T43 18-May-15
supersider34 20-May-15
Smtn10PT 27-May-15
From: T43
The results are out and I will be moose hunting this fall!

Anyone else draw?

From: LongbowLes
Congrats! What unit? I'm on a waiting period til I can put in for a Cali ram and I'm waiting til I got bigger bellies to fill til I put in for a cow moose tag. So it was deer,elk, and pronghorn for me(a first).All long odds hunts down south.

From: T43
50 cow.

From: supersider34
A friends wife drew the 54 bull moose tag. They live in Kimberly.

From: Smtn10PT
No moose tag for me! Im bummed

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